The Magic Circle

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Devant Award

The David Devant

Awarded to those who have made a significant contribution in advancing the art of magic or who have given outstanding service to magic internationally.  The trophy is a miniature bust of David Devant, the first President of The Magic Circle.  The original life size bronze is on permanent display in our Headquarters.

2014 David Copperfield

2013  Luis De Matos

2012  Jim Steinmeyer

2011  David Berglas

2009  Ali Bongo

2008  Siegfried & Roy

2007  Paul Daniels

2006  John Fisher

2005  John Calvert

2004  Marvyn Roy

2003  Mark Wilson and Nani

2002  Dr. Eddie Dawes

2001  John Gaughan

2000  Channing Pollock

1999  Jay Marshall

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